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The Notebook PC market is not collapsing!

After several dismal months of low notebook production, ODMs finally posted solid gains in August. Notebook production rose double digits sequentially in August due to the combination of back-to-school sales and early builds timed to the Windows 10 launch. This positive momentum should linger through September and potentially through the rest of 2015. And given […]

How Do You Spell “Lumpy”? H-Y-P-E-R-S-C-A-L-E

A widely accepted position in the HDD industry is that demand for capacity enterprise (nearline) HDDs is driven by large hyperscale companies, typified by cloud service providers (CSPs) and “as-a-service”, or XaaS datacenter companies. What is difficult to read is the exact buying cycle that these companies follow, so demand spikes are typically followed by […]

SSD Shipments Continued Growth Despite Shrinking PC Market: TRENDFOCUS 2nd Calendar Quarter Analysis

TRENDFOCUS recently published its updated Quarterly NAND/SSD report covering the NAND & SSD industries’ performance in CQ2 ’15. In the SSD market, unit shipments increased, despite the fact that a good portion of the volume is tied to a weak notebook PC market. The two main factors contributing to the slight 2.9% Q-Q rise was […]